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About Nashville’s Hiking and Nature Blog

This blog is about hiking in Nashville, Tennessee, and beyond. The usual blogger is Stephen Frasier (moi), who hikes frequently at Radnor Lake in Nashville and wherever else he can manage to connect with nature on the trails; he just can’t seem to get enough. He may be a little obsessive about it, actually…

I have an extreme reverence for nature and its wonders, and there is literally no activity in which I would rather engage than hiking. I live in south Nashville, Tennessee, not far from Radnor Lake and Ellington Agricultural Center. Until recently, I lived within easy walking distance of Ellington, and I was fortunate to discover some excellent natural areas during my almost-daily hikes.
butterfly in flight 01, hiking at Ellington Agricultural Center, Nashville

My trusty digital camera (an Olympus Stylus 790SW) goes with me on each and every hike — and thanks to the digital age, I do not have to hold back on the number of photographs I take as I hike. Most of the posts in this blog include quite a few photographs (and a few videos, capturing moments like catching the biggest gray rat snake I’ve ever seen, or the Canada Goose building a nest near the spillway bridge). I hope you enjoy them.

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butterfly in flight 01, hiking at Ellington Agricultural Center, Nashville

See the photo of the butterfly in flight? Now click your browser’s refresh button. Since there are three (3) images in that particular folder, there is a 2/3 chance you will see a different image of that butterfly in flight when you reload the page.

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I do not mind if you download my photographs, but if you use them, please give credit to me, Stephen Frasier, and include a link to this blog at www.hikingnature.com — that’s all I ask. If you use my photographs to earn money, please make a donation .

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The photography used in the header graphics is the work of Kelly Stewart, organizer for the Nashville Hiking Meetup Group. Thanks, Kelly!

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  • Noelle

    Wanted to say, I’m so sorry to hear about your struggles to get Sky back. Wanted to add, that the longer you wait to report this, the more difficult it will be to prove that something “out of tune” has happened. I have names of lawyer friends that would gladly give advice….these are true animal lovers, as am I. I do animal rescue on a very part time schedule. Though I live in the southeastern part of Davidson county, I’ll keep my eyes open for Sky.

    On a better note, I LOVE your blog. Keep it up!

  • Jessica Blackwell

    I’m wondering if you can recommend a good (easy-to-moderate) hiking/biking trail around nashville. I’m looking to plan a day trip for my dad and me- and would love to show him the outskirts of Nashville (but not further than 1.0 hours away). Do you have any suggestions? Is Radnor a good place, and if so where does one begin, how long is the hike, etc? Thank you for your help; your pictures are beautiful!
    Jessica Blackwell

  • Coleen

    I live on the edge of small town. I saw a snapping turtle yesterday the size of a quarter watching me from the edge of a water hole/stream that runs through a neighbor’s yard. Very cute.

    Today saw an eastern small mouthed toad for the first time. I would not have known what it was but for an interest I took in Frogwatch a couple of years back. (NWF and USGS joint venture). The toad was hiding in tall grass that had taken over my iris bed – I decided to let the grass stay – since the toad apparently liked it.

    From your blog, I thought you might enjoy hearing that.

  • Chris Swanson

    Lovely blog! Those are some darn impressive photos. I’ve only been in the Nashville area once (I wanted to see the Parthenon which was, sadly, closed when I got there), and I’d love to go back someday and see more of the area, especially the wilderness.

  • Amy

    So glad to have found your blog. We live in south Nash, too, and haven’t taken advantage of Ellington Ag Center trails. We’ll do that soon! I’ve been keeping a similar blog the last year about trails we’ve done in the area – markingmyterritory.wordpress.com – if you want to check out trails we’ve done, too. Thanks for the blog. Keep posting 🙂

  • Sacha Charles


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    Is it possible to place banner on your site on a fee basis?

    Best regards,
    Sacha Charles

  • Taylor

    I really enjoy the blog you have here. The photos are fantastic! As a citizen of Nashville I suggest you check out the Trails at Fontanel! There are two short trails that are full of beautiful nature.

    Check it out!:

  • Stephen

    Thank you very much for those kind words; very glad you happened to find my little nature / hiking blog. I believe I have heard of Fontanel, but only in passing. I appreciate the info, I will definitely check it out; I will also pass along the Fontanel info to Kelly Stewart, a good friend who’s apparently on his way to becoming Nashville’s most famous hiker (Nashville Hiking Meetup group)

    (NOTE: If you happen to be the critical/rational thinker/philosopher type, then you might enjoy checking out the Search for Truth blog; however, for the most part, the material is NOT appreciated by most here in the Bible belt… a bit too freethinking for some. Just about every other topic — along with more photography and other content that isn’t really a match for Hiking Nature or Search for Truthends up on my larger “brain dump” blog. Then there’s tech, blogging, SEO, web design, freeware, etc. content at Nashville SEO & Web Content.

    Finally, if you should happen to know anyone who needs a writer/ghostwriter or blogger/ghostblogger, please send them my way!

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