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Wild Rooster at Ellington Agricultural Center

April 25th, 2010 · 2 Comments · bird identification, ellington agricultural center, rooster

NOTE: The ‘wild’ rooster was sighted on April 12, 2010…

male rooster at Ellington Agricultural Center, Nashville, Tennessee

One might assume that, after hiking the relatively short but sweet 1.6-mile Roger’s Walk trail a few times (at Nashville’s Ellington Agricultural Center), one has seen about all there is to see in terms of wildlife. Not so; I continue to be consistently surprised with the various creatures I see while hiking at Ellington.

Of course, a male rooster may not be considered by most folks as “wildlife” per se, but this beautifully-colored male rooster was out and about at Ellington during one my recent late afternoon Nashville hikes. I have since heard a couple of other hikers mention that they have seen roosters or chickens in the wild before. Regardless of how the average hiker Joe may classify such a rooster sighting, it is in any case blogworthy, IMHO!

rooster at Ellington Agricultural Center, Nashville, Tennessee

In all probability, this male rooster managed to escape (go, rooster!) from some agricultural event held at Ellington Agricultural Center. This is a more likely scenario than the existence of a wild poultry population there, especially given the fact that Ellington regularly hosts various agriculturally-centered events.

Nevertheless, this wild rooster sighting remains one of the more unique surprises I have encountered while hiking in Nashville, Tennessee! I hope you enjoy these pics, and if you have had – or have even heard of – similar encounters, please leave a comment!



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