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American Robin chick: Left the nest too early

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American Robin chick fell out of nest on 8-26-2012 near Lipscomb/ Green HillsThis morning I was saddened to see that an American Robin chick whose nest is about 18 feet above my backdoor patio had fallen to the ground, perhaps the result of a not-quite successful first attempt at flight. The helpless chick was a concern of mine for most of the day, but since it appeared Mother Robin was still interested I mostly stayed out of the way.

When I returned home around 7:30pm from a nice-but-very-humid dusk walk to Kroger, Baby appeared to be gone. I was relieved in a sense; perhaps Mother Robin had successfully moved Chick to some nearby shrubbery or something. But a couple of minutes later, I saw it huddled on the patio, several feet away from where it had been, its head tucked under its wing.

American Robin chick fell out of nest on 8-26-2012 near Lipscomb/ Green HillsThen I remembered an extra, unused bird nest laying around in the garage. Sounds funny, but it’s true: Last year I found a complete bird nest in the yard after a storm, and I kept it. I retrieved the nest and placed it in a plant pot (a former potted plant minus the plant, which died long ago).

The plant pot – the new nest – was then placed up off the ground, on the patio table. This was a real relief, what with the cats and other predators around. I finally scooped Chick into my cap then placed her in the new nest. She was not too hip on drinking the water from a straw which I offered her. (Earlier, around 3pm, Chick did drink some water from the straw.)

That’s it for now.