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Post-Storm Sunday Hike at Radnor Lake with Steve

April 26th, 2010 · 1 Comment · Radnor Lake

This hike took place on Sunday, April 25, 2010…

spillway at Radnor Lake, Nashville, Tennessee

Steve D. invited me on a Radnor Lake hike on Sunday afternoon, one day after the largest storms Nashville has seen yet this year. We took a chance that there would be parking spaces available in the East lot, and we scored a spot. Starting from the East parking lot, we struck out on the connector trail and started to ascend Ganier Ridge.

bird - male cardinal at Radnor Lake, Nashville, Tennessee

The first thing we noticed on the connector trail was the excessive washout on the trail. Radnor Lake employees and volunteers have laid down what must be a record amount of mulch and/or wood chips on some sections of the trails this year, and a large percentage of this trail medium was washed away due to the heavy rains that occurred Friday night and Saturday. The extent of the washout was eye-opening.

trumpet vine at Radnor Lake, Nashville, Tennessee

The vast woodland fields of purple flowers, one of the spring highlights on the East side, have faded away.

Since I learned the call of the Red-Bellied Woodpecker a few weeks ago, it seems I hear them everywhere.

As is often the case when the weather is in question, I checked the radar at weather.com before the hike – and it showed increasing cloud cover and sporadic showers which could possibly affect our excursion. It was indeed very windy – probably gusting up to 25 MPH or more, and it felt great.

big swamp, dark clouds, brown water at Radnor Lake, Nashville, Tennessee

We saw several deer and not too much else.

From the east lot, we hiked up and down Ganier Ridge, took a left on the Lake Trail, across the spillway bridge, along the dam to Otter Creek Road, the length of the South Lake Trail coming out on Otter Creek Road once again, and followed the road back to the East parking lot.

We stopped to take photographs at the spillway bridge, on the South Lake trail where we saw several deer, and finally along Otter Creek road where there was quite a bit of red Trumpet Vine growing in the honeysuckle along the lake. Steve and I took more pictures of these wonderful trumpet vine flowers than anything else today.

trumpet vine at Radnor Lake, Nashville, Tennessee

On the south side of Otter Creek Road there are three cut-off sections of the lake, which basically take the form of swamps. There are two small swamps and one very large swamp. Due to the very heavy rain and storms that occurred over the weekend, the water in all three swamps was brown, even in the big swamp toward the east end of the lake. The wind was really gusting and the sky was darkening as these photographs were taken.

big swamp, dark clouds, brown water at Radnor Lake, Nashville, Tennessee

trumpet vine at Radnor Lake, Nashville, Tennessee

beaver dam at Radnor Lake, Nashville, Tennessee

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  • Renee Bates

    Great photographs and enjoy your writing, thank you. The vine with the yellow throated trumpet shaped flowers is Bignonia capreolata L. ‘Crossvine’, a shade to part sun loving cousin to the Campsis radicans ‘Trumpet Creeper’ or ‘Trumpet Vine’.
    I am a storm lover too. These photographs make me want spring to come even more!