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Radnor Lake: A Model Clockwise Hike

August 26th, 2007 · 2 Comments · deer, great blue herons, Radnor Lake, skink

Kelly and I met at 12:30 in the Radnor Lake parking lot on the Granny White side. He was wearing a WordPress t-shirt (this blog is powered by WordPress); I might be lucky enough to have one, had I made it to Barcamp Nashville. If it were a color other than red, I would be even more envious; but I’m a winter, or so I’m told.
great blue herons at radnor lake
Along the lake trail not too far from the spillway, in the stretch where the trail is lined with a wood beam fence, we noticed a great blue heron standing in the lake, very close to the edge. It was probably 20 yards away or so, which I believe sets a personal great blue heron proximity record.

five-lined skink on the fence at Radnor Lake

There were two other semi-noteworthy wildlife sightings. First, just before we noticed the heron, I pointed out a juvenile five-lined skink sunning itself on the wooden fence. (I am somewhat of a herpetologist, and I am a big fan of all reptiles and amphibians.) And second, the deer count: a paltry two (yes, 2).

However, the overall hike easily ranked at four out of five stars. I was in the presence of Kelly Stewart, the energy level was good, my mood was good, there was water a-plenty, it was only in the mid-nineties, and the conversation was lively and interesting (thanks to Kelly and BarCamp Nashville).

I tooky my REI hydrating system this time — something I had gotten out of the habit of for a long time due to a leaky bladder (that is, the plastic bladder which holds the water in CamelBaks and other hydration systems). I had forgotten how nice it is to have as much cold water as I care to drink during my hikes. My nature-green backpack is designed around the water storage and delivery, but there is plenty of room for other things; I had an extra bottle of water for Kelly, who ended up bringing his own water, so we stuck that in there, too.

We hiked at a brisk pace. There were only two brief water breaks – one at each of the two most difficult climbs, relatively speaking. When we made it back to the parking lot, Kelly checked his watch and his pedometer: we hiked the 4.5-mile loop in 1:19, which is our record — in just under 9,000 steps.


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  • Rob

    Hi there
    I’m a college student in nashville and i like to get out to the local parks when i can. a couple weeks ago (August 23rd or so) I was hiking the Warner Woods Trail at P. Warner Park. I saw a rather large (at least 8″) and stocky female skink there and I thought perhaps it was a broadheaded, rather than five-lined skink. Do you know if Broad-headed skinks are present in the Nashville area?