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Sunday Radnor Lake Hike

September 30th, 2007 · No Comments · deer, Radnor Lake

It sure was nice to get back on the trails with Kelly on such a beautiful day. This is the first time in a couple of weeks that Kelly and I have been able to meet at Radnor Lake for a hike. I miss the more frequent walks.

Kelly came bearing gifts: he scored a budget pedometer and was kind enough to give it to me. We struck out from the Granny White parking lot at 2:30, and it was Kelly’s choice that we travel counter-clockwise (the more difficult direction).

While walking on Otter Creek Rd. between the Lake and South Cove trails, we saw five deer at the lake’s edge: three in one spot and two in another. Those were the only deer we noticed today — we saw none while on the trails.

There were turtles a-plenty, taking advantage of the sun, warming themselves on the old waterlogged trees that have fallen into the lake over the years.

Unfortunately, recent changes in circumstances have resulted in fewer hikes. I have taken on new responsibilities at Brentwood Landscapes; I am now the Manager of Lawn and Landscape Maintenance, so even when there is enough sunlight left in the day to hike after work, I’m usually too tired.

It’s really too bad — in several ways — that the hiking frequency is down. Hiking seems to be a virtual panacea for this author. It’s an elixir, a restorative for whatever ails me. I feel closer to whomever I am hiking with, even when hiking alone. If I am not hiking, it’s likely my time is being spent in a less healthy manner. Not that I’m eating potato chips and smoking cigarettes – no, not that unhealthy; probably watching TV or surfing the web.

If my hiking becomes less in quantity, I shall see what I can endeavor to do to ratchet up the quality of the hikes: food for HikingNature.com, and food for my soul.


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