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Video – Large Gray Rat Snake at Radnor Lake

April 4th, 2011 · 2 Comments · Radnor Lake, Reptiles, snakes

This is one of three videos of a large gray rat snake photographed at Radnor Lake on June 3, 2008. This prime specimen – one of the largest rat snakes I have ever seen anywhere – was found crossing the trail at Radnor Lake somewhere between the lake and Ganier Ridge. The original post describing this herpetological experience was entitled, Gray Rat Snake: Prime Specimen at Radnor Lake.

This particular gray rat snake was quite a creature; unlike many wild rat snakes, this one did not try to bite me. It did not even seem to mind being held briefly. Of course, this snake was treated well and immediately released. Handling snakes like this is not recommended for anyone without extensive snake-handling experience.

I am thrilled to once again devote serious time and effort toward expanding this Nashville hiking blog. I am reviewing my massive archive of photographs and videos taken while hiking in Nashville, Tennessee and beyond, and I will be adding quite a bit of previously unreleased media. I hope you enjoy it, and that you will share any links of interest with your friends. Thanks for visiting HikingNature.com!

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Gray Rat Snake

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  • Rob

    Good to see new posts, always nice to read about your adventures. That is a really beautiful snake, a gentle giant for sure.

  • Drew

    Great site. I live in Nashville, too. Today I was walking around the Lake Trail and found a decent size Rat Snake myself (probably 3-4 ft.) I have had a good overall experience at Radnor as far as herping goes. Just last week me and my girlfriend saw two Common Snapping Turtles mating along the bank! I wouldn’t completely dismiss the possibility of Alligator Snappers living in there somewhere. Maybe some day one of us will be able to get on and post some pictures to confirm once and for all!